Pre Natal Services Mooroolbark

Pre Natal Services Mooroolbark

Pre Natal Services

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Pre Natal Services Mooroolbark

Your journey begins when you think about becoming pregnant.

At Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in having an on site specialised pregnancy clinic called Pregnancy and Beyond to cater for all of your pregnancy needs.

Providing a holistic and caring approach towards pregnancy related, education and treatment.

Over time we have built a network of like minded but diverse professionals to work together and serve your individual needs in the Mooroolbark area.  Contact Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy to make an appointment today!

Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment

40% of women activate incorrect muscles when attempting a pelvic floor squeeze. Every woman who has ever had a baby should know how to properly contract her pelvic floor muscles. Research shows us that during pregnancy your pelvic floor muscles weaken due to the weight of your baby resting on the pelvic floor.
We can show you how Pelvic floor muscles form a sling from the coccyx to the pubic bone. They are responsible for control of the bladder and bowel, for the pleasurable sensations we have when making love, for preventing vaginal prolapse and also for balancing our pelvis throughout the day.

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction can lead to:

●  Incontinence of the bladder/bowel
●  Dysfunction of the bladder and bowel
●  Pelvic organ prolapse
●  Painful intercourse
●  Decreased feeling when making love
●  Poor core strength and balance

Our highly qualified caring clinicians can help:

●  In-depth assessment of symptoms and pelvic floor
●  Individualised pelvic floor muscle exercise programme
●  Progression of your pelvic floor exercise programme as your muscles strengthen
●  Lifestyle modifications
●  Healthy exercise options


Birth Ready Education

Going into labour and giving birth can be daunting if this is your 1st baby. Spend an hour learning the essentials of labour with one of our highly qualified caring pelvic floor physiotherapist and birth educators.

  • Positionning
  • Relaxation
  • Birth breathing
  • Labour massage
  • Focus and distraction strategies
  • TENS
  • Optimal positions and mechanics for the pushing stage

Healthy Eating Pre & Post Pregnancy

Ensure you’re providing the best possible nutrition for you and your baby…  Adequate nutrition is essential during pregnancy with evidence showing that the food a mother consumes during her pregnancy can affect the development of her infant, and may also impact on the baby’s health later in life.

A mother’s nutrition requirements are increased during pregnancy however the common saying “eating for two” is in fact incorrect. There are also important dietary considerations for the mother once the baby is born.

To learn more, come see us at Eating 4 Health where we can provide nutritional advice for both mums and baby:

  • Supplements prior to falling pregnant
  • Nutrition requirements during pregnancy
  • Appropriate weight gain during pregnancy
  • Nutrition requirements for breastfeeding and/or formula feeding mums
  • Appropriate weight loss after giving birth
  • Guidance for introducing solids to your baby
  • Fussy eating in children

    Advice On Exercise In Pregnancy

    Exercise and pregnancy go hand in hand. We can help you select the most effective, safe and enjoyable option for you.

    Moderate level exercise in pregnancy has been shown to:

    ●  Prevent excess weight
    ●  Increase positive
    ●  Help to prevent gestational diabetes
    ●  Aid cardiovascular health

    Our highly qualified caring clinicians can develope the ideal pregnancy exercise programme for you:

    ●  In depth assessment of pelvic floor
    ●  Individualised pelvic floor exercise programme
    ●  Aims and goals of a pregnancy exercise programme
    ●  Education re healthy exercise for pregnancy
    ●  Information re specialised on site pregnancy classe



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