Montrose Post Natal Services

Montrose Post Natal Services

Post Natal Services

Your health and the well-being of your baby are our top priorities.


Post Natal Services

At Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy, we take great pride in offering our specialised Pregnancy and Beyond clinic right on-site, designed to address all your pregnancy-related requirements during and after this precious time.

Our dedicated team of skilled and enthusiastic clinicians is committed to providing ongoing support and personalised care, assisting you in your journey towards regaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through the years, we’ve cultivated a network of professionals who share our passion and diverse expertise, all working collaboratively to meet your unique needs within the Montrose area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Pelvic Strength Physiotherapy today to schedule your appointment!

Post Natal Assessment

Do you have a weak pelvic floor/ do you have symptoms of a vaginal prolapse, are you ready to return to high impact exercise, are your abdominal muscle strong . Our post natal assessment will answer all of these questions and more and can be done as early as 6 weeks post natal.

Post Natally you may have:

●  A weak pelvic floor
●  Painful intercourse
●  Vaginal dragging and bulging
●  Weak abdominal muscles
●  Pelvic girdle pain
●  Painful wrists
●  Back or neck pain

Our highly qualified caring clinicians can help:
●  In depth post natal assessment
●  Pelvic floor muscle ultrasound
●  Individualised pelvic floor muscle exercise programme
●  Progression of your pelvic floor exercise programme
●  Abdominal muscle exercise programme
●  Treatment of vaginal prolapse if present
●  Advice on returning to exercise

Lactaction Consultant

We can provide one on one care for a variety of breastfeeding issues. This may be before baby arrives planning, immediately after baby arrives challenges, cry / fuss problems, weight issues, and sleep issues.  With a Neurodevelopmental Care Model (Possums) approach, based on current infant brain and breastfeeding research.

Breastfeeding, Mastitis And Blocked Milk Ducts

We can help if you have mastitis/blocked milk ducts. Establishing breastfeeding can be challenging.  Mastitis is the inflammation of blocked milk ducts, which may or may not be infected. It is a painful and distressing condition.

Our highly qualified caring clinicians can help:

  • In-depth assessment of your symptoms
  • Therapeutic ultra-sound to resolve inflammation in the breast tissue
  • Lymphatic massage to drain the inflammation
  • Mini-vibrators to use at home prior to feeding to drain inflammation
  • Advice re comfortable clothing
  • Real time ultra-sound to assess presence of an abscess
  • Referral to our on site lactation consultant


Our knowledgeable reception staff can assist you with all questions and concerns




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